Sky Island Pickleball Club

Sky Island Pickleball Club

About Us

The Sky Island Pickleball Club (SIPC) was founded in Sierra Vista, Arizona during the summer of  2019 by twenty-one founding members. Articles of incorporation occurred on August 29, 2019. Club members included four founding club officers (Roy Libdan-President, Raz Rasmussen-Vice President, Karen Karkalla-Secretary and Lou Hillebrand, Treasurer), a Governing Board (Club Officers and Chairpersons for standing committees) and General membership (open to all interested parties). A 501(c)(3) status was approved September 4, 2019.

The club name, Sky Island Pickleball, was chosen to be regional rather than defined by city limits of Sierra Vista. In southeastern Arizona, the term Sky Islands is used to define the majestic rise of seven mountain ranges that rise out of the desert lowlands. The name is uniquely inclusive, relatable and descriptive of the high desert locale; a name that’s recognizable and familiar to individuals who live by these mountain ranges encompassing Cochise County.

The energy and enthusiasm of the founding members, combined with the nationwide surge in Pickleball as a multigenerational sport, generated a strong desire to form a club.  From the beginning, founding members had one mission: “The purpose of the SIPC shall be to grow the sport of Pickleball throughout Cochise County by providing an organized approach to high quality instruction, individual and team skills development, and social and competitive events, while promoting good sportsmanship, better health, and enduring friendships.”


John Barthelme, Mark Bierer, Joy Dalesio, Mike Dalesio, Dan Harney, Gisela Harney, Mike Harney, Lou Hillebrand, Mike Holley, Karen Karkalla, James Knott, Kay Koehler, Roy Libdan, Phil McCage, Bob McCormick, Bob Pietrusiewicz, Christopher “Raz,” Rasmussen, Sandi Scully, Ray Sedillos, Gina Streck, Linda Taylor.

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