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No ladder league tonight due to the weather, Josh will add weeks to the end of the league for the 2 nights we have missed due to rain.

Please help spread the word!
Merry Christmas to all!
Merry Christmas everyone
Our Double Trouble Event is coming up next Saturday the 3rd. We've created a temporary channel related to this event You can join this temporary channel by clicking Here you will find additional information regarding this event.

Sky Island's website has also been updated. It now features this channel prominently on it's main page. In addition there is a calendar page which we keep current.

Membership policy has been changed by the board. An annual membership now runs the remaining potion of the month it was purchased plus an additional 12 months. So a membership purchased today on 1/25/2024 would be good until 1/31/2025. Membership can be purchased directly off the website using the membership button.

Please visit our updated website at

Thank You
The Double Trouble on Saturday, February 3 was well well attended with 52 participants The weather, shall we say, was better than expected. It was a little chilly and a little windy, but no rain. It wasn’t enough to stop everyone from competeing and having fun! Here are the results:

Women’s 3.0
Gold/Joy Dalesio & Jan Breem
Silver/Julie Powers & Penny Nylander
Bronze/Dawn Wolf & Sheri DeShane

Women’s 3.5/4.0
Gold/Joan Clark, Sharon McCloskey & Hallie

Men’ 3.0
Gold/Hal Nylander & Chuck Ferguson
Silver/Ken Loftis & Jerry Wolf
Bronze/Bill Maike & Jerry Swanson

Men’s 3.5
Gold/Tom Warfield & Doug Harding
Silver/George Bennett & Mark Beirer
Bronze/Raz Rasmussen & Phil McCage

Men’s 4.0
Gold/Joshua Velazquez & Amory Yager
Silver/Darren Haws & Roy Libdan
Bronze/Mike Reid & Donavan Working
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This is our next event. It’s a new format that I think players will enjoy.
Forwarded from Vicki Nelson
Begins 02/14/2024! Every Wednesday, 3:00pm, Oscar Yrun Courts.

Introducing another great Sky Island Pickleball Club class! For Beginners and intermediate players wishing instruction, this class will help you learn the wonderful game of pickleball beginning where you are. Free to everyone on your first visit. Continuing participation free for SIPC club members only. See you on the courts!
Suprise spring cleaning Saturday Night Live! In the haste of getting everything ready for spring, we forgot to post the information for this month's SNL! Get ready to tidy up your drop shots and sweep away the competition in our April SNL.
FYI everyone. The indoor courts are now open Fridays 9-1, so on windy days like this, it is a great option! So now we have M-W-F 9-1 to play out of the elements. 👍
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